The construction of education platform for cloud computing system is a large, complex, social engineering, which can give full consideration to the current internal integration, business system resources allocation, flexible application, high availability, unified management of the business needs, but also in the information technology, the intelligent platform technology.
The system can play three roles:
To solve the unified management of the information inside and outside the primary and middle schools nationwide. Through the portal platform to achieve internal and external network information release, unified release entrance, unified management, unified authority distribution function.
Achieving unified identity management in primary and secondary schools. Unified identity management implements unified identity management through the web interface, eliminating the diversity of identity and duplication of identity in primary and secondary schools.
Unified management of national data standards. To solve the inter departmental data format and data exchange standard, data sharing historical problems without explanation, on the higher education department data declaration and the competent department of education management of various schools to facilitate various primary and secondary schools.
Intelligent education is divided into three subsystems:
Management platform, resource platform, campus link.