Implementation case

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"China creation" Internet plus color temperature, brightness and anti fog haze remote intelligent remote control
A new generation of LED street in G50 Chongqing Fusheng Chongqing Fuling expressway toll station
Implementation of the green lighting project

Division I (national high-tech enterprises) in Chongqing G50 Chongqing Fuling expressway toll station Fusheng implementation of the "Chinese creation" Internet plus color temperature, brightness and anti fog haze remote intelligent remote control of a new generation of LED Street (commonly known as: Chameleon intelligent street lamp) green lighting project. In the highway lighting in the use of the Chinese creation "Internet plus color temperature, brightness and anti fog haze remote intelligent remote control of a new generation of LED street lamp and the intelligent control system, better stability, higher reliability, color, light response speed is more agile. It has four major characteristics: the technology has four major characteristics: (a) by PM2.5 sensor, temperature sensor, ultrasonic sensor, radar remote camera automatic acquisition of environmental protection, meteorology, transportation, security and other information, analyze the information sharing and data services through the cloud platform. (two) in different climate and season, according to the change of climate and environmental sensory needs people, through the temperature sensor, humidity sensor, PM2.5 sensor, intelligent remote control to achieve a variety of lighting lamps, color temperature, improve the human sensory comfort. The remote intelligent control system automatically collects the temperature, rain, fog and haze data of the lighting environment, and intelligently regulates the light color temperature to be the most comfortable and safest lighting value (3000K-5700K). (three) the brightness of light can be remotely intelligently adjusted. In different time periods, different light intensity, different traffic flow, etc., through the photosensitive sensors, ultrasonic sensors, radar sensors and other intelligent control, to achieve a variety of brightness lighting mode. In different periods of light adjustment for a variety of lighting mode, including "daytime mode", "night mode", "summer mode" and "winter mode" and "anti haze mode", which greatly improve the saving rate, and effectively solve the tunnel lighting for saving electricity is widely adopted for closed control loop or interval lights cause lighting the dark zone, the presence of traffic safety problems. (four) the important parameters such as luminance uniformity, illuminance uniformity and energy saving rate are all better than the national standard of LED street lamps. A new generation of multi-color temperature LED intelligent street lamp, one can be used when more than one ordinary monochromatic temperature LED street lamp, the cost performance is higher, can improve the light efficiency of 10%, and prolong the service life of lamps more than doubled. Intelligent color matching and dimming lighting are more comfortable, safe and energy-saving. This product is our use of a number of independent patent technology (patent number: 201320842388, 201320028126, 2015204938054) R & D, manufacturing "China creation" Internet plus color temperature anti haze brightness remote adjustment of a new generation of LED intelligent lighting products, the science and technology novelty has won the "novelty search report" (No: J201508016831). That is the "China creation", the one and only LED lamps advanced technology application of intelligent manufacturing technology; it has been included in the "2015 annual scientific and technological achievements into the project" Chongqing City SME (small enterprises in Yuzhong 2015 No. 188), approved the establishment of Chongqing City Engineering Research Center [LED Intelligent Control Technology Chongqing 2015 technology development and reform No. 1865]; has been included in the "2016 Chongqing Internet plus pilot demonstration project", "2016 year Chongqing city technology innovation guidance project". Has obtained "Chongqing hi tech products", "Chongqing municipal industry new technology certification" certificate.