"Ten Hui brand" multi-color temperature anti fog, super long life 120W module, LED intelli

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"Ten Hui card" color temperature of anti fog and haze, long life of LED intelligent street lamp has the light of high definition (CRI road 70), good uniformity, high light efficiency, the lamp adopts imported CREE meanwell power source. The performance indicators are leading the similar products, using self-developed patented technology Internet plus color temperature LED street lamp, tunnel lamp six remote (multi color temperature and remote control, telemetry, remote control, remote viewing, remote control) system "(Patent No.: 2015204938054) can realize remote intelligent control. This product is the use of a number of independent patent technology (patent number: 201320842388, 201320028126, 2015204938054) LED intelligent lighting products research and development, manufacturing, and has won the "Chongqing high-tech products", "Chongqing municipal industry new technology certification".

Lamp type: LSSH-MZ-BLD120, lamp power: 120W
Total luminous flux: 10200Lm, light efficiency: 95%
Color temperature: 3000K-6000K color index: > 70
Light distribution curve: asymmetrical (bat wing) protection level: IP65
Net weight of lamp: 8Kg