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Продала свою квартиру в Солнечном береге не приезжая. Большое спасибо агентству и Ольге, нашли клиентов, переоформили собственность, я очень довольна. Рекомендую обеими руками!
Таисия, 18-12-2020

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It is known, that the poor or disadvantaged people, and those who are in difficult life situation only those are helped by ones in whose soul is preserved source of light and goodness.

Today, in this difficult times, the real estate Agency "Pro BG” decided not to stay aside from the traditions of charity and actually apply the principle of helping the under-privileged.

Who need our support today?

Help is only really useful when it is targeted. And these addresses today are a lot. Diverse groups of the population are in urgent need of help and support .

One of them are lonely old people. Each of them has own history, where in the final - a lonely old age. No matter what reasons led to loneliness, it is important to have time to help the person.

Most often the elderly without family and relatives suffer from:

- household insecurity and even poverty;
- difficulties in self-service;
- lack of communication.

An ability of benefactors is to give real help to recipients in the various issues.

Many problems also associated with orphaned children. Orphans are those children whose parents are deprived of their rights, abandoned.

It is mportant to them not only the toys and normal living conditions . Every child without mom and dad keenly feels his or her solitude . Children without parental care grow worse and gaining weight behind in mental development.

Therefore, basic care for these kids - it's not just new toys, books , stationery and clothing . Abandoned children appreciate the attention that allows them to feel needed.

Various actions in orphanages , children's homes , children's hospitals are necessary for the socialization of children left without families.

Monthly a part of real estate agency “PRO BG " income now is deducted for charitable purposes, and every six months the analysis of the activities are made, stating who needs help the most, after what  the further activities are corrected and planned .

Unselfish assistance rendered without big words, too much pathos and affectation - signs of true philanthropists. It is on this people relied Charity, whose history goes deep into the past.