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Dear real estate agent Olga! Thank you so much for your help! We are grateful that we chose you to present us and to list our house. For your knowledge and negotiation talent we sold out house. We are so happier with the way everything worked out.
Sincerely, Maria Lesley

Maria Lesley, 11-02-2022

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How to buy property in Bulgaria

The Process of buying property in Bulgaria is quite simple.
It consists of 4 steps.

1. Agency agreement.

We sing the agency agreement in which are described your criteria and your wishes about the property in Bulgaria. It is written in it what type of property you prefer, what price is maximum and other property specialities.

2. Property views.

We find the property items for you to meet your criteria and your wishes and organize the views.
During the property views, our specialists provide you with the consulting information about the objects, areas, features of culture, as well as the legal intricacies.
We recommend you to come to Bulgaria, and to make real estates' viewings with one of our agents.
As a result, you may see all of the offers according to your wishes, to get acquanted with the country and peculiarities of different regions, to feel mood and get confidence in making a decision.

3. Reservation.

When the item is chosen, the selected property is checked for its clean title (presence of mortgage, loans etc.) and for the presence of the necessary documents for the transaction of property rights.
After the inspection is made, the reservation is paid. You conclude a preliminary sales contract with a seller in which the details of payment and closing are described. The preliminary contract will be made by our lawers. The reservation ( 2000 euro ) is a reason for removing the object from a sale list.
The details of payments, amounts and periods, as well as legal obligations of the parties are indicated in the agreement on the grounds of your plans and the plans of the seller.
For off-plan property interest-free payment in installments are offered.
Under full payment on a stage of construction are provided discounts.
For buying as a foreign physical person you will need to give your international passport. If buying as a foreign juridical person ( company ) - a constituent documents on the company.

4. Closing.

On the forth stage, the property is registered to the name of the buyer at the notary in Bulgaria. Before the registration, our lawyer checks the documents for the transaction again, again taken an extract from the register of the "clearance" of the object.
After signing the title deed by a buyer and a seller, and after their signs are legalised, the notary presents the notarial act in the district court.
The Judge contributes the change of circumstances on the property to the state register of the real estate and does a mark in the notarial act.

In the course of legalization buyer pays the following taxes and dues:
local tax in budget;
the notarial dues (accounted according to the cost of the object);
the collection for contributing record in register;
Notarial rates are defined on the basis of the sale price.
All together they are about 5-6% from the cost, specified in contract.